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Various Artists - The Cobblestone Sessions    
Live cd opgenomen in beroemde pub in Dublin

Various Artists - The Cobblestone Sessions

Artikelcode: 2641

The Cobblestone is a pub in Smithfield Market, Dublin which is owned by Tom Mulligan. Tom is the son of Big Tom, a piper and fiddler from South Leitrim and he’s also brother of, among others, Néillidh and Alphie, both pipers of distinction. Little wonder then that the pub is a house of music – home to the best sessions in Dublin. The album is a sample of the music that may be heard there, and includes tunes from Finbarr Naughton, Oliver Farrelly and Vincent Harrison, Michelle O’Brien, Malachy Bourke, Donncha Dwyer, Mick Kinsella and many, many others. They may not all be the best-known musicians in the world, but they are all top class musicians. It is a very good index of the state of traditional music in Dublin, and is well worth a listen

16,00 euro


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