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Various Artists - The Best Of Celtic Woman    

Various Artists - The Best Of Celtic Woman

Artikelcode: 9995

The Best Of Celtic Woman CD
with Julie Gold, Aine Furey, De Danann, Chloe Agnew, Aoife with Phil Coulter
If you are a fan of the beautiful Celtic Sound then you will love this top class Celtic Music CD featuring 19 tracks sung by wonderful female vocalists. Julie Gold performs "From A Distance" the song she originally wrote and there are other great highlights such as "Aileen Duinn" and "I Dreamt I Dwelt In Marble Halls" by Meav. The pure voice of Lisa on "Send Me A Song" and Chloe's version of "Walking In The Air" stand out, as well as "Ripples of Hope" by Orla Sweeney but there are many other very nice tracks.
CD Track Listing
01. From A Distance - JULIE GOLD
02. I Dreamt I Dwelt in Marble Halls - MEAV
03. She Moved Through The Fair - RUA
04. Danny Boy - AOIFE
05. The Lass Of Glenshee - ALTAN
06. Walking In The Air - CHLOE
07. Caledonia - AOIFE
08. Aileen Duinn - MEAV
09. Send Me A Song - LISA
10. Garden Of Graves - RUA
11. Ripples Of Hope - ORLA SWEENEY
12. Sweetest Summer Rain - AINE FUREY
13. Siuil A Run - LISA
14. Lovers Heart - D'GOYA
15. You Brought Me Up - MEAV
16. Hand In Your Hand - AINE FUREY BOHINTA
17. Then You'll Remember Me - DE DANNAN
18. Wedding Song - AINE FUREY BOHINTA
19. The Last Rose Of Summer - CHLOE

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