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Touchstone - Jealousy    

Touchstone - Jealousy

Artikelcode: 0535

A magnificent follow-up to this group's stunning debut. Skip Parente, on fiddle, joins Triona Ni Dhomhnaill, et al., making this band a quintet that tears through an incredible array of Irish, bluegrass, Breton, and old-timey selections with abandon.

Tracklist :

1. The Mooncoin Jig / The High Reel / The Plover's Wing
2. Cuach mo Lonndubh Bui / The Three Sea Captains
3. The Last Chance
4. The Lonely Wanderer
5. The Primrose Lass / The Keel Row/Green Grow the Rushes O
6. Garcon a Marier / Orgies Nocturnes / Dans Fisel
7. Jealousy (You Better Keep Your Distance)
8. The King's Favorite / The Cook in the Kitchen Din Tarrant's Polka
9. Invisible Wings / Faoilean
10. The Green Gates / The Pinch of Snuff
11. White Snow

16,00 euro


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