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Rua - Rua    

Rua - Rua

Artikelcode: 2291

"A sort of Enya meets Puccini" is how the Sunday Independent aptly described the music of Rua. Gloria Mulhall and Liz Madden are adding a new dimension to the music of Ireland with their unique 'Rua' sound. Together they compose and perform their own original music as well as arrange pieces from the Celtic music repertoire. Their music has already been featured on world-wide selling compilation albums such as Celtic Dreams, The Best that is Irish, Celtica 2, Pub St. Patrick, The Best of Celtic Women and Keltica 4.

Their critically acclaimed first album, entitled 'Rua', was released in 2001 and they achieved chart success in Ireland when they released a single from the album, 'That Kiss'. This beautiful album features fourteen tracks and includes their unique version of the well known classic She moved thro' the Fair along with the haunting song 'Fill a Rúin Ó.

'Their album is truly a revelation: a piece of work from the heart of Irish romanticism......Rua offers us a portion of their dream as a welcome present, a romantic epic, unknown before now'. Celtic Magazine - France

From the tender strains of True my love I give to you to the fiery lines of Toss, the music of Rua weaves a web of enchantment and passion. The striking melodies and rich harmonies produce a music that is deeply moving and instantly recognisable. Rua's original compositions such as Garden of Graves and Atlantic Storm conjure up an Irish landscape of rolling hills, rugged coastline and misty vales. This album also features the poignant Mist on the Mountain with its narration on the Irish Famine.

Rua by Rua is a timeless album that will be enjoyed for many years to come." ....they share a mutual disdain for musical boundaries.
They cross lines with abandon, and the result is stunning... This is a musical team worth watching." Rambles: Cultural Arts Magazine U.S.A.

" On first hearing I thought "Sarah Brightman meets Maire Brennan", it seems to occupy a space between the wilds of Donegal and the West End of London." Irish Music Magazine

Tracklist :

1. Garden of Graves
2. Fear an Bhata
3. That Kiss
4. Atlantic Storm
5. She Moved Thro' The Fair
6. Awen
7. Dum Dumda Diddle
8. Mist On The Mountain
9. William's Lament
10. Gaol of Cluain Meala
11. Toss
12. True My Love I Give To You
13. Fill A Ruin O
14. Rain On Raglan

18,00 euro


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