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McEvoy, Catherine - The Home Ruler    
Traditional Irish Flute Music

McEvoy, Catherine - The Home Ruler

Artikelcode: 3102


Catherine McEvoy: flute
Felix Dolan, Geraldine Cotter, Paddy McEvoy: piano
Joe Kennedy: bodhran

Originally from Birmingham, UK, and now based in Co. Meath, Catherine McEvoy is one of finest contemporary exponents of the Sligo-Roscommon style of flute playing.
She is also one the busiest traditional music teachers in Ireland, and visits the US regularly to teach at music camps here.
If you can catch her at one of them, you will be able to experience in person the uncommon power of her playing, a trait which is put across beautifully on this new CD.
This is her third album, and second solo CD, and it's another chance to discover this great talent. McEvoy's playing is unapologetically traditional, and the album has an old-fashioned flavor, one which the piano accompaniments, while very well executed, reinforces. As on her previous recordings, McEvoy has put together interesting medleys combining classic flute tunes from the Sligo tradition, each flavored with personal ideas, with more recent additions to the repertoire--compositions of Josie McDermott and Vincent Broderick being featured once more. (2008)


1. Reels: Rolling in the Ryegrass / The Traveller
2. Reels: McGovern's Favourite / Casagh Reel / Martin Ainsboro's
3. Hornpipes: The Home Ruler / The Ebb Tide
4. Reels: The Drunken Landlady / The Rookery
5. Slip Jigs: Elizabeth Kelly's Favourite / Follow Me Down to Limerick
6. Reels: Sarah's Delight / Dermot Grogan's Farewell
7. Jigs: Dominic's Farewell to Cashel / The Geevagh Jig
8. Air: Banchnoic Eireann O
9. Reels: The Concert Reel / Forget Me Not
10. Reels: The Hunter's Purse / Sweeney's Dream
11. Jigs: Eddie Moloney's / Dancing at Kilbrew
12. Reels: Cormac Lunney's / The Bag of Spuds
13. Jigs: Big John's Hard Jig / Anthony Frawley's
14. Reels: The Curskeagh Lasses / Billy Brocker's
15. Reels: Major Moran's / The Mystery Reel

19,00 euro


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